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When Will a Motorscooter Pay for Itself in Gas Savings?

Note: Many scooters will have figures that are similarly persuasive to those in the table below. These were chosen because all price, MPG data, etc. were available.

If you are currently getting 12 miles per gallon in your vehicle, and are commuting 10 miles each way to work, commuting on a motorscooter that gets 102 MPG instead would save you approximately $0.22 per mile driven for a monthly savings of $91.91. If your motorscooter costs $799.00, this means that after driving 3622 miles, your motorscooter will have paid for itself in gas savings. If you drive 5000 miles in a year, this means that the scooter will have paid for itself in 8 Months.

Here's how that would work out for different motorscooters:
(Edit the values in this form and resubmit to update the figures above and in the chart below.)

Enter how long your one way daily commute is Miles
Enter real or anticipated gas price per gallon $
(See display on left for current prices in your state)
Enter your current vehicle’s gas mileage MPG

Gas savings from commuting on various motorscooters given a daily commute of 10 miles, gas price of $3.00, and a current vehicle that gets 12.0 MPG.
Electric Scooters
Scooter Type Price MPG Cost/Mile Savings/
Break-even Mileage Saving/mo Saving/yr Scooter pays for itself in
XB 500
XB 500
$724.00 NA $0.01 $0.24 3017 $100.00 $1200.00 7 Months
Falcon Matrix
Falcon Matrix
$4200.00 NA $0.01 $0.24 17500 $100.00 $1200.003 Years
6 Months
Big Scooters
Scooter Type Price MPG Cost/Mile Savings/
Break-even Mileage Saving/mo Saving/yr Scooter pays for itself in
Vespa BV 200
$4000.00 65 $0.05 $0.20 19623 $84.94 $1019.233 Years
11 Months
Classic rr250tlx
rr250tlx Touring
$1949.00 60 $0.05 $0.20 9745 $83.33 $1000.00 1 Year
11 Months
rr250zrx Racer
rr250zrx Racer
$1849.00 52 $0.06 $0.19 9615 $80.13 $961.54 1 Year
11 Months
150cc Scooters
Scooter Type Price MPG Cost/Mile Savings/
Break-even Mileage Saving/mo Saving/yr Scooter pays for itself in
Kymco People 150
$3199.00 84 $0.04 $0.21 14929 $89.29 $1071.432 Years
11 Months
rr150csi Classic
Classic rr150csi
$939.00 73 $0.04 $0.21 4495 $87.04 $1044.52 10 Months
rr150cli Classic
rr150cli Classic
$949.00 73 $0.04 $0.21 4543 $87.04 $1044.52 10 Months
rr150zrx Racer
rr150zrx Racer
$1189.00 73 $0.04 $0.21 5692 $87.04 $1044.52 1 Year
1 Month
rr150tlx Touring
rr150tlx Touring
$1199.00 71 $0.04 $0.21 5771 $86.56 $1038.73 1 Year
1 Month
Minimalist Scooters
Scooter Type Price MPG Cost/Mile Savings/
Break-even Mileage Saving/mo Saving/yr Scooter pays for itself in
rr50sbm Economy
rr50sbm Economy
$799.00 102 $0.03 $0.22 3622 $91.91 $1102.94 8 Months
Classic rr50csi
rr50csi Classic
$829.00 94 $0.03 $0.22 3801 $90.87 $1090.43 9 Months

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