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How to persuade spouse, or parents that you should have a motorscooter.

After about 5000 miles it will have paid for itself

Her Scooter
Her Scooter
This is not his scooter.
See Dating and Scooter Culture

(See our new Motorscooter Return On Investment Calculator)

-- With the payback point being what it is, a scooter is one of the most justifiable investments any driver with significant local traveling to do can possibly make. (Besides being a gas saver, it's also so much fun.)

Here's how to explain it to your spouse, parents (or children):

Each mile in an SUV costs in gas PPG/MPG where PPG is the price per gallon and MPG is the mileage of your vehicle. If the price per gallon is $3.00 and your vehicle gets 12 miles per gallon, 3/12 = a cost of $0.25 per mile.

Now calculate cost/mile for a scooter, guzzling gas by the teaspoon and getting 85 MPG (I calculated that my Tank sporty 150 gets 90mpg): 3/85 = about $0.035 about three and a half cents a mile.

With these figures, it is simple to see that each mile on a scooter costs $0.215 less than it would in an SUV.

There is often room for a scooter when there is no room for a car.
There is often room for a scooter when there is no room for a car.
See Scooter Parking

Thus, you can see your savings on your scooter's odometer. When it reaches 5000 miles, you will have saved 5000 * $0.215 or $1075.00. It is clear that, if you have purchased a cheap scooter (see Best Motorscooter Deals), before your scooter registers 10,000 miles, it will have paid for the cost of the scooter and insurance, and be keeping significant savings in your pocket even if your car gets a good deal better than 12 MPG. See our Motorscooter Return on Investment calculator. A similar analysis to this one, using different MPG assumptions appears in this MSNBC article by Denise Ono. Fuel savings can be further improved through Fuel Efficient Driving. Insurance for motorscooters is also much less than for a car. See Motorscooter Insurance.

Do you have a parent or spouse who needs persuading? Send them an email with this form; we've already done the persuading for you.

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