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Essential Scooterist Kit

The collection of scooterist support equipment featured on this page comprises just a few select gems from the vast array of motorscooter accessories and ancillary pariphernalia.

Products are chosen specifically for their appropriateness for the scooterist, as well as function and price: Helmets, Insurance, fuel equipment, rain gear, Navigation, puncture prevention, roadside assistance, clothing, repair manual, and scooter enthusiast's reference, to mention a few. You may not need all of them, but it's far better to have them just in case than to need them unexpectedly. Items are being added as they prove themselves to be outstanding additions to the Essential Scooterist Kit. Know a scooterist? a well thought-out kit makes a great present.

If you have comments or suggestions on the items here, please visit our Scootering Peripheral Devices Forum and share them.


Super Siphon w/ 6' Siphon Hose
Price: $14.69

Fuelling a scooter at a gas/petrol station is awkward. Normal gasoline/petrol pumps pump too fast to fill a scooter tank easily without spillage. In some cases, one must pump in brief spurts to avoid overflowing. It is also uneconomical to buy five liters of petrol with a bank card as even a minimal surcharge will effectively raise the price by a substantial percentage. If one also drives a car, it is much easier just to fill the scooter's tank from the car's tank, though in some cases it can be hard to position the syphon in tanks with anti-syphon features.

The Super Siphon w/ 6' Siphon Hose is just the right size to fit comfortably into a scooter storage compartment and will easily handle the volume of fuel needed for a scooter. Also, if you are out of gas, most motorists will happily share a liter with you if you have the equipment to get it.

Offical product description:

Transfer a 5 gallon container of gas in less than 1 ˝ min, without any dripping. Also good for transferring diesel, paint, or oil. Safely transfer gas to your boat, Jet Ski, or even your lawnmower without the danger of spilling. Empty out the bilge, or the bottom of your boat, with just a few quick shakes to start the siphoning. Around the house you can easily transfer liquids from aquariums, clogged up sinks or tubs, fish ponds, or to empty out your Jacuzzi. Just drop the pump end, which works like a check valve, into whatever liquid you want to siphon and snap the hose up and down a few times to start the flow. (NOTE: The "siphon-from" container MUST be higher than the "siphon-to" container.) As you snap the hose down into the liquid, the check valve allows the liquid in the hose, but not back out. When enough liquid gets into the hose, the Super Siphoning effect takes over ... Just lower the end of the hose into your container and the liquid starts flowing!

GPS Navigator Midwest Can 2300 Gas Can - 2 Gallon Capacity

Price: $9.99

This fuel can is a real find for scooterists at a reasonable price. Shuts off automatically when tank is full. Prevents leakage and spills. Maintains airtight seal when not in use. The extra six ounces of capacity is intended to facilitate 2 cycle oil mixture.

  • 2 Gallon 6 OZ
  • Extra Capacity For Mixing Oil
  • Spill Proof Spout Automatically Shuts Off When Tank Is Full
  • Bottom Hand Hold For Easier Pouring
  • Meets CARB & EPA Requirements


GPS NavigatorTomTom Rider 2 GPS Navigator for Motorcycles and Scooters

Finally, a GPS designed specifically for your scooter. Tomtom Rider Is One Of The Smartest Navigation Solutions For Motorcycles. Rugged Waterproof Device. Anti-Glare Screen. Integrated Sun Visor, And Gloves-On Operation. Navigation Instructions Are Spoken Via In-Helmet Cardo Scala-Rider.

Roadside Assistance

Breakdowns on scooters can be a problem, particularly in view of the fact that roadside assistance for two-wheeled vehicles is not necessarily included in most club memberships and requires an extra fee. Some roadside assistance programs do, however, cater to scooter and motorcycle drivers. See Scooter Roadside Assistance


It is an unfortunate fact that the freedom of helmetless wind-blown hair as one tours the countryside has vanished in compliance with current helmet regulations in most countries -- Italy having been one notable exception until safety regulations of the European Union became universally applied. One needn't however wear something that presents the image of a hog-rider or dirt-biker. Subdued elegance is more suitable on a motorscooter, or perhaps something very personal and idiosyncratic.

There is a vast array of motorcycle helmets, with none specifically intended for motorscootering. This is unfortunate as the motorscooter, though sharing many pragmatic features with the motorcycle, reflects a very different image and purpose.

Here are a few simple suggestions:

helmetHCI-10 Open Face Helmet White XS
Price: $39.95 + $6.95 shipping

HCI Color:White Meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 Specifications Features. This is a very well constructed and great looking new DOT motorcycle helmet with excellent inside padding, sun visor, D-rings and chin strap. * Super light weight * Fabric Bag and Owners Manual included * Rust proof stainless steel Dual D-rings * Quality plush interior * UV Protected clear coat finish which will long last without fading * Removable sun visor included * DOT clear coated in the back * Compatible with 3 snap flip shields Size Chart for the To find your size, get a helper do the measurement with a cloth tape measure to measure the circumference of your forehead at the position you want the helmet liner to rest. This is 1 inch above the eye brows. If your measurement falls between two of the sizes, please choose the smaller size. XS - 20 1/4 - 20 7/8" ( or 52-53 cm) S - 21 - 21 5/8" ( or 54-55 cm) M - 21 3/4 - 22 3/8" ( or 56-57 cm) L - 22 1/2 - 23 1/8" ( or 58-59 cm) XL - 23 1/4 - 24" ( or 60-61 cm) XXL - 24 1/8 - 24 7/8" ( 62-63 cm)

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Helmet Sizing Chart

Use a cloth tape to measure the circumference of your head one inch above the eyebrows, or at whatever point gives the maximum dimension. Some directions state: "If you find that your measurement falls between two sizes, choose the smaller size," while others say "Choose the larger size." It's not clear which is best. In ambiguous cases perhaps it is best to soak your head and measure again.

XS - 20 1/4 - 20 7/8" ( or 52-53 cms)
S - 21 - 21 5/8" ( or 54-55 cms)
M - 21 3/4 - 22 3/8" ( or 56-57 cms)
L - 22 1/2 - 23 1/8" ( or 58-59 cms)
XL - 23 1/4 - 24" ( or 60-61 cms)
XXL - 24 1/8 - 24 7/8" ( 62-63 cms)

For a wider range of quality helmets and all kinds of Motorcycle accessories, we suggest perusing those available at Helmet Outlet USA or the Motorcycle Superstore.

Rain Gear

Rain is generally unpleasant on motorcycle or scooter though the scooter is the superior choice for wet-weather driving (see all-weather scootering). It is wise to anticipate inclement weather and take measures to prevent vision impairment from rain on the outside and condensation on the inside of face-shield or goggles.


Though Rain-X is not officially for plastic surfaces, personal experience and the endorsement of many cyclists indicate that it works fine on face shields. It needs to be reapplied periodically, however. At least you will be able to see well while you are getting soaked.

Rain-X should not be applied to prescription coated lenses as it will reputedly remove the coating. It's no use antifogging one's face shield if one's prescription lenses fog up inside the helmet. This can be a real hindrance to visibility as both the inside and outside surfaces become fogged.

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sg3M Scotchgard Fabric Protector
Price: $12.99

If one doesn't have a raincoat, one tends to get soaked quickly. However, it takes a bit longer when one treats one's outer garments, certainly one's jacket, with Scotchgard. Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Repellent Spray treated fabric repels water quite well and does not change the appearance or breathability of the material.

Puncture Prevention

Only vary few top-of-the-line brands of scooter carry a spare tire and many tire stores will not touch scooter tires (see Scooter Disadvantages).

One quick and obvious solution to flats is the "Slime" flat deterrent. “Slime” has a long-standing reputation for being able to seal punctures up to 1/4 inch in diameter automatically and prophylactically. Note: Slime will not prevent nor repair side-wall tire damage.

Slime SS-PDQ/06 Smart Spair 15-Minute Emergency Tire Repair Kit
Price: $21.09 + $5.95 shipping

This is a super deal we couldn't pass up. Try to find an electric tire inflator alone for this price. This kit includes both the slime and a 12 volt electric air pump and is small enough to fit under the scooter seat (though, once used, you shouldn't need it again). Unfortunately, the plug-in supplied is for a cigarrette lighter and thus not directly pluggable into most scooters without an adaptor. Also, with the small scooter batteries (and, in particular with the inferior Chinese ones) it is advisable to leave the motor running while running the air pump. It's better to plug it into a car.

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Innovations Ultraflate Plus CO2 inflatorCO2 Tire Inflator
Price: $18.75 + $4.02 shipping

This is smaller than any hand/foot operated or electric pump (5 1/4 inches long) and a great find for the scooterist or anyone with limited storage space. It also does not drain a battery.

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Helix Racing Products Foot Pump 37544 Foot Pump
Price: $17.18

For emergency use, it is always best to have something that does not require cartridges nor electricity. This is the smallest foot-operated pump we could find (11 1/2 inches) and it's a great price.

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Batteries and Electrical

The inferior batteries that come with the Chinese scooters are worth replacing, especially if the scooter is not ridden regularly.

voltaic pouchVoltaic OffGrid Solar Backpack

Price: $199.00

Pricy but brilliant! Fully padded for laptop use, this is a solar powered (or anything powered) backpack and power center with its own battery and a vast array of adaptors for computers, ipods, cellphones, etc. Ideal for scooters without outlets, or indeed for any scooter with limited battery capacity, it charges effectively from the three flexible solar pannels on the back, wall current. or 12 volt DC car charger. Can be worn as a backpack or sling bag.


For the long distance scooterist (and there are many), maps and gps systems can be a very useful investment. I have had a Rand McNally compass in my car for over 10 years. It is always accurate (unlike every other car compass I have used) and still looks like new without the trace of a bubble. I have not found a way to theft-proof one on my scooter yet but there are other scooterists far more ingenious than I. Visit The Rand McNally Store for maps, gps systems and all other navigational accessories

Get the 2009 Rand McNally Road Atlas for only $9.95!

Motorscooter Books

Scooter BibleScooter Bible

from $56.63

Scooter Bible: From Cushman to Vespa,the Ultimate History and Buyer's Guide (Paperback)

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Scooters (Crestline) ScootersScooters by Michael Dregni, Robert H. Ammon

Price: negligable

The anachronistic bare-headed scooter image on the cover notwithstanding, this work represents extensive research fuelled by inspired enthusiasm.

See the Table of Contents

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Vroom with a View
Vroom with a View: In Search of Italy's Dolce Vita on a '61 Vespa by Peter Moore

Price: nugatory

Peter Moore, an independent travel writer from downunder, chronicles his jaunt through northern Italy with his Brit girlfriend on the pillion of Sophie, a 61 Vespa. Small towns, the Italian Alps, breakdowns, and fascinating resultant friendships.

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twist & go Scooter manual Scooters,Automatic Transmission 50 to 250cc (Hayne's Automotive Repair Manual) by John Haynes (Haynes Series)

Price: $20.03 new, but cheaper Amazon options are available.

This is a general manual for Twist&Go Scooters presenting step-by-step procedures and illustrations for each operation from from basic maintenance and troubleshooting to complete teardown and rebuild. Both two-stroke and four-stroke engines are covered, though only Honda, Piaggio, Vespa, and Yamaha are mentioned specifically by name.


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