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Scooters in the Dating Game

The motorscooter driver controls the vehicle, the passenger is at the helm of the relationship.

A boy will never forget
feeling for the first time
those two gentle spots of pressure on his back.
That is a lot of power. Use it wisely.

In Asian and European countries (Taiwan in particular, from whence these examples are drawn, but no doubt elsewhere as well), scooters are the dominant form of transportation (together with a minority of similarly small, light, efficient motorcycles). The acquisition of a motorscooter often marks the coming-of-age milestone. Adolescents unable to afford a scooter bemoan their outcast state (characterized by library lurking and video tapes) and look forward to nothing more than aquiring one so they can join in the mobile dating scene. Once scooter-equipped, a world of inexpensive and far-flung possibilities opens up to the prurient teen.

Togetherness on Scooters -- Key Mating

One of many anticipated experiences is that of "Key Mating." This takes place among a mixed group of teens whose male members place into a box their scooter keys which are then chosen at random by the female members. This leads to an interesting phenomenon in which randomly generated pairs speed off together toward some defined destination during which time they have an opportunity to communicate with each other through conversation, close physical proximity, and body language.

Though the girl may object to playing the stereotypical role on the pillion seat in scooter dating, in some respects it is clearly the better place to be at the beginning of a relationship, and serious consideration should be given to the timing and possible consequences of role reversal. The motorscooter driver may be in control of the scooter, but the pillion rider is in charge of the relationship. If the boy can get over the desire to be driver, relinquish that task to her, and can content himself with the pillion seat, he will discover immense potential for physical intimacy.

There are compensations for a boy who takes a back seat

There are compensations for a boy who takes a back seat
The driver controls the vehicle, the passenger is at the helm of the relationship. There are compensations for the boy who takes a back seat.

Particularly where the practice of wearing a jacket backward is common (see All Weather Scootering), sensuous tactile roving on all levels, from the seemingly accidental on up (and on down), can be undetectable to others on the road, deeply thrilling, ultimately very extensive, and potentially rather hazardous. Remember, her hands are otherwise occupied and cannot easily nor safely intervene, leaving the field wide open. It is probably very unwise for him to attempt something on a new level in heavy traffic or at high speed, and unwise for her to have put these delights and decisions into his hands. Even when activity is entirely consentual and defined by mutual understanding, whether he or she is orchestrating sensual stimulation from the back seat, there can be a significant distraction factor present which may require some balance and moderation. When poor judgment has been applied, disaster may result, but it can certainly be an intensely memorable experience.

RoadRunner  250cc Touring Scooter
The RoadRunner 250cc Touring is a highway scooter for two..

In much of the world, the scooter is an egalitarian tool for all ages, sexes, and walks of life. In many countries and some states, driving smaller scooters (those with an engine smaller than 50cc) does not require a license. This provides adolescents with a degree of freedom far greater than found in more repressive environments (such as California). People of all ages and all walks of life use such scooters for everything -- chauffeuring their children to school, shopping, banking etc. Stores, in turn, cater specifically to scooter parking requirements -- each with its own wharf at which the scooterists may dock their craft. Scooter travel is generally point-to-point from origin to destination, whereas car commuting frequently requires significant walking to and from remote parking places and an unknown amount of time finding a parking location each time. See Scooter Advantages.

The X-Treme XB-500 Electric Bicycle
No license, insurance, registration required.
This scooter qualifies as a bicycle.
See Electric Scooters.

One form of scooter that does not require license, insurance, nor registration (even in California) is the smaller electric scooter. Some disadvantages accompany the use of electric scooters but they are, overall, an excellent choice for the teen to whom other routes are barred.


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